Over the past years, we have dreamed of a retreat center for the entire congregation:  children, youth, adults, families, servants, and clergy alike. This idea became necessity, so the search for suitable facility began.

The idea property would provide access to a lake, trails, adequate facilities, with the potential to grow. After over two years, God finally arranged for the property to become diocese’s own, thanks to the wisdom and vision of our beloved Father, H.G. Bishop Boulos, who made the dream come true.

The name “Trinity Centre” was picked by H.G. Bishop Boulos, and with his prayers and continuous support, steps are now in place to make the Trinity Centre available to the whole diocese. We trust that God, who brought us to this point, will lead us into making this a great asset to serve the entire diocese, through the prayers of our father H.G. Bishop Boulos and your prayers.